Our Mission

The mission of the Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation is to promote personal safety by raising public awareness about invisible criminals in our communities through:

  • public education and advocacy,
  • enhanced education for health care professionals and law enforcement,
  • Enabling law enforcement to conduct more comprehensive criminal investigations, as needed.

Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation

Invisable Criminals

Through the emotional pain of losing Michelle, the family of Michelle Lynn Jones - relatives, friends, business colleagues and clients - has made a commitment to focus the pain of their loss on constructive efforts to positively impact individuals and communities to further honor her and the wonderful human being she was. Her life ended in an untimely, horrific manner. Her death could have been avoided.

Systems need to be in place to discover invisible criminals like Charlie.

We have developed a social network site dedicated to defining these systems. It is located at we encourage all to click here and join the cause.

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