Our Mission

The mission of the Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation is to promote personal safety by raising public awareness about invisible criminals in our communities through:

  • public education and advocacy,
  • enhanced education for health care professionals and law enforcement,
  • Enabling law enforcement to conduct more comprehensive criminal investigations, as needed.

Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation

Major Initiatives

There are 3 major initiatives underway, occurring simultaneously and being developed on multiple levels, in many arenas. These initiatives are clearly linked for the essential outcomes of providing increased safety and health of the individuals in our communities.

These major initiatives will require time and YOUR SUPPORT to process and achieve the intended outcomes.

FIRST INITIATIVE - Enhanced Education of Professional Services Education of the clinical/scientific community, educators, law enforcement and the judicial system related to the egregious nature of violent crimes committed by juveniles, such as murder or attempted murder. The focus is on the long-term implications for individuals and families when these crimes are erased. Where do these criminal go? Who do these criminals become? Moreover, the additional effort with this education is to address the effects of keeping these crimes a secret from those who may be adversely affected because of this action. Return to top of page

SECOND INITIATIVE – Comprehensive, Protected Database A legislative initiative is underway by law enforcement in the state of Florida to introduce a law which would create a private, protected database of criminals (regardless of age) who have committed a violent crime, such as murder or attempted murder. This searchable database would be available only to law enforcement when there is a need to know. Current status: Florida law enforcement officials are working to create a searchable private, protected database for the efficient entry of data related to major criminal acts. The database would include murderers, regardless of age. The data parameters will be simple to enter, include the critical information for law enforcement to identify potential suspects and facilitate a timely investigative process. This database would be a requirement for all law enforcement officers. Future status: As technology advances, the proposed plan would be for individuals in our communities to be able to seek and obtain information about a person and be able to < find the > answer the question: Has this individual committed a murder or attempted murder as a juvenile? Return to top of page.

THIRD INITIATIVE – Public Awareness In an effort to raise public awareness - an essential activity < in producing or embracing or implementing > a call to action - a team from the CBS Network, 48 Hours program, has been investigating events that lead to the attacks on September 13, 2004. A nine month development effort has culminated in the production of a documentary describing the horrific tragedy of Michelle and Teri’s deaths, along with discoveries illuminating other potential murders Charlie may have committed. The implication of these discoveries adds support for the identified initiatives we have described. Return to top of page.

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