Our Mission

The mission of the Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation is to promote personal safety by raising public awareness about invisible criminals in our communities through:

  • public education and advocacy,
  • enhanced education for health care professionals and law enforcement,
  • Enabling law enforcement to conduct more comprehensive criminal investigations, as needed.

Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation


The Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation has been established in memory of our daughter, who was murdered on September 13, 2004, while providing refuge to her Aunt and Uncle in her Maitland, Florida home during Hurricane Ivan. Michelle’s life and that of her Aunt Teri where tragically taken from us by Michelle’s Uncle and Teri’s husband, Carl “Charlie” Brandt, who later committed suicide.

During the subsequent investigation, the discovery was made that Carl Brandt had murdered his mother, and attempted to murder his father and his older sister thirty three years earlier in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when he was 13 years old. Released from a mental hospital in 1972, he had been living amongst us as an invisible criminal ever since.

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