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The mission of the Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation is to promote personal safety by raising public awareness about invisible criminals in our communities through:

  • public education and advocacy,
  • enhanced education for health care professionals and law enforcement,
  • Enabling law enforcement to conduct more comprehensive criminal investigations, as needed.

Michelle Lynn Jones Foundation


During the subsequent investigation of Michelle and Teri’s gruesome murders, the discovery was made that Carl Brandt had murdered before. He took the life of his mother, attempted to murder his father and then his older sister thirty three years earlier in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when he was 13 years old.

Although never convicted of a crime, the Grand Jury conducting the investigation summarized their concerns with a message stating that Carl Brandt should be closely monitored, as they feared he may repeat this crime. Intervention at the time was to place Carl Brandt in a state mental hospital for 1 year, after being held in the county jail for 4 months. In July 1972, Carl Brandt was released from the state mental hospital. Diagnosis: no longer mentally ill.

In 1986, Charlie Brandt married Teri Helfrich in Ormond Beach, Florida. Within the year, they relocated to the Florida Keys where they lived until their deaths. Throughout the discovery of Michelle and Teri’s murders those who new Charlie were shocked and in disbelief, that is until the secret of Charlie’s murder of his mother, attempted murder of his father and older sister were made public by his older sister.

Yes, an “invisible criminal” had lived among us for all the years we had known him.

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